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Cultural and entertainment complex in Magas

The building of the cultural and entertainment complex is located on the site between Zyazikov Avenue and the Tower of Concord building and is part of the ensemble of the square in front of the Tower. The main objects of the complex: a restaurant, a children's restaurant, a cinema with 2 halls, conference rooms and retail premises, are located in the underground part to free up space in order to provide visual perception of the main object of the complex - the Tower.


The underground passage-hall unites all the functions of the complex, being the main public space. The complex has overhead natural light through skylights and glazed roofs in the central passage and entrance areas, as well as on the upper levels of the restaurant and children's restaurant. The roof of the complex is the surface of the square with decorative paving.


The walls of the protruding volumes are made with the texture of stone masonry to create a seamless perception of the complex and the Tower.


Architects: Vladimir Belsky, Andrey Dolotov, Tatyana Tyushnyakova.

Place: Ingushetia, Magas, Zyazikov Avenue

Project: 2015

Construction 2015-2023

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