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Protek Headquarters Moscow

"Humanism", nature and transparency became the main prerequisites for the office project Transparency, single space and visual interconnection of all employees have historically become attributes of the company, as well as an abundance of natural elements - plants and aquariums with fish in the workspaces.

The seating scheme uses a humanistic approach. The traditional arrangement of workplaces in lines and facing each other did not fit here - the company sees the workplace of each employee as a leader's place, with a separate table and free frontal space. The structure of the office has a central "green" space - a communication "boulevard" with public areas, meeting rooms and showrooms. The working areas are located along the perimeter and designed in calm monochrome colors.

Architects: Andrey Dolotov, Vladimir Belskiy

Place: Moscow, Kosmonavta Volkova 14

Project: 2022

Photo: Roman Alexeev

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