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Sochi Central Department Store

To create a modern and efficient central department store, the project proposes:

- preservation of the outer walls and reconstruction of the original appearance of the historical facades of the building;

- rebuilding of the internal part in the volume of the historical building with addition of 2 underground floors, a loading area on the ground floor, and retail spaces on floors 1-4;

- the pyramidal superstructure of the building, with inclined surfaces from the 5th to the 11th floor that go deep from the outer contour of the historical building, accommodates 2 retail floors, a technical floor, a hotel, a spa with a swimming pool and a restaurant.

The appearance of the building is built on the visual interaction of historical volume and the  superstructure. The historical facades of the building are recreated in the original color scheme, with a combination of white plaster walls and dark window glazing frames. The top volume tapers upward, creating a pyramidal silhouette. The outer shell of the volume is a structural grid, behind which terraces with landscaping are arranged.

Architects: Vladimir Belskiy, Andrey Dolotov

Place: Sochi_Gorkogo street 53

Project: 2022

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