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residential interiors

Luxury Hotel Room in Moscow City

The hotel is located in the heart of Moscow's business activity and its panoramic windows have a dizzying view towards the city center, at all its iconic facilities.
The concept we have proposed is designed to convey this pulse and nerve of the metropolis, tearing time and matter apart.

Walls of white Carrara marble crack under the onslaught of a frantic pace left behind the closed room door.
Gold is exposed in cracks, a symbol - success, wealth - a symbol of the force that makes people exist in this whirlwind of events.

The center of the composition is a panoramic window with a view of the central part of the city, its iconic places. A bathtub by the window, a bed and a bar island - everything has an appeal towards the window.
Being in these zones, a person willy-nilly, turns his gaze to the panoramic view, eyesight becomes "telephoto", vanity goes away, thoughts come to order, there is time to spend time with yourself or with a loved one.

The main idea is to isolate a person from the outside fuss, to give him a reason to think about what surrounds him, what is happening outside and inside himself.

Area 60 sq.m.

Architect: Andrey Dolotov

Project: 2018

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