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Media Spot

To fill the space of the Arcade with people, it is necessary to fill it with events. And here modern technologies and the possibilities of demonstrating media content come to the rescue. They allow events from around the world to take place in the space of the Arcade.


Media Spot - a central element in the space of the Arcade, attracts the visitor with the opportunity to receive new interesting information in the company of other people. This is not so much the broadcast of media content, but the development of collective interactive actions, human interactions.


Media Spot consists of 4 cubes, on the inner surfaces of which images are projected. Standing or sitting inside the cube along with other spectators, the person feels the effect of being present at the broadcast event. The space immediately below the cube becomes the space of interaction between people. If necessary, the perimeter of the cube can be separated from the Arcade space by a curtain hidden in the design of the side surfaces. The curtain also protects against cold and wind in bad weather.


To attract and engage the audience, a mobile application (INTER SPACE MEDIA SPOT) is used. Using the application, a notification about the program, newsletter, reminders, messaging is carried out. A community of Arcade visitors is being formed, and the application helps them to meet in the Arcade space for live communication.


The installation of searchlights over the Arcade coating signals the functioning of the Arcade, and ensures a bright presence in the night panorama of Moscow.



Architects: Vladimir Belskiy, Andrey Dolotov, Tatiana Tyushniakova

Location: White Gardens Arcade, Moscow, Russia

Project: 2016

Awards: Competition finalist 

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