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Badel Block Development

The main focus of the concept is on creating a unified structure, multifunctional development and connecting street life to the inner life of the quarter.


Part of the quarter “rises”, turning the new buildings into a continuous volume with open spaces in 3 dimensions and leaving room for public areas and preserved historical buildings. The unity of the structure and the allocation of internal space are the basis of the urban planning concept.


At street level, a variety of spatial effects are created in a combination of open and closed spaces, and easy connections through the openings of the courtyard to nearby streets, providing easy pedestrian access. Together with the multifunctional use of buildings, this opens up opportunities for 24-hour activity of the territory necessary for the city center.


In the north, the new building rises above existing buildings, resulting in a view of the city from the apartments of the existing residential quarter. The equalization of the upper volume by the area of Kvaternikov Torg from the east and the market square and park in the south creates a new dominant of the square and park and visual connection with the modern part of the city.


The traffic is carried out along the perimeter of the quarter, access to the underground levels is provided from 3 nearby streets. Maintenance and loading is provided at level -1, parking at 3 underground levels. A pedestrian public space is created inside the block.


The project offers a flexible functional program that can be adapted to the needs of the time.



Architects: Vladimir Belskiy, Sergey Pospelov

Location: Badel Block, Zagreb, Croatia

Project: 2012

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