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Busan Tower

The proposed project's concept is the tale of two towers. The story is applied in order to organize the Yongdu Hill by comparing the horizontal and the vertical. The vertical tower carries levels of "Vertical Park", the "Horizontal Tower" is present on the site in traces of the former. (A tale of a tower that had been assembled on the ground and then elevated with traces left, a tale of tower reflection or tower shadow are different possible readings). Thus a spatial angle (virtual but readable) is created, - a figure powerful enough to exist independently close to the site of the new 465-meter high skyscraper. And the comparison of vertical and horizontal involves the vertical and horizontal tower, vertical and horizontal gardens, the earth and the sky, the experience of vertical and horizontal movement.


The visitor entering the Youngdu Hill Park site from main south entrance moves along the "Horizontal Tower" and through the park to the new tower - there the elevator goes up through the vertical park levels. On this path may happen the effect of moving along one tower and watching the other.

The new developments on the site are superposed over the existing structure with the priority given to historic monuments in the intersection.



Architects: Vladimir Belskiy

Location: Youngdu Hill Park, Busan, Korea

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