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Housing for the Erderly

The concept proposes the use of the “apartment” type of house, adapted for the elderly, forming the environment of active participants in life processes.


The main basic element of the complex is a living cell, which is an “apartment” for 6-8 people. The base cell consists of single living rooms with a private bathroom, an internal corridor, a shared bathroom, a living room with a kitchen area.

All internal spaces are distributed according to the degree of privacy: living rooms - in-house common areas - public areas of the residential group - community center.


The public part is allocated in a separate building, connected by passages with residential blocks. In addition to serving residents at home, the community center also provides services to the surrounding population, which allows:

- support a significant public role of residents by working in workshops and other facilities of the center, interaction with visitors to the center;

- develop the infrastructure of the place;

- check the quality of services: dining room, hairdresser, medical care.

The public center includes: workshops, a multifunctional hall, a dining room, a sports hall, office rooms, utility rooms, medical rooms.


The scheme is implemented using Cross Laminated Timber technology. Cross glued wood is used for supporting and enclosing structures (walls and columns), ceilings and stairs.


Vladimir Belskiy, Andrey Dolotov

Location: Russia

Project: 2019

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