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Fleetwood Marker


The entrance marker design is based on the plan of Fleetwood. The town structure is formed by a grid of streets and avenues that form rectangular urban blocks, diagonally divided by the Fraser Highway line. The sign thus is composed of rectangular cells with a diagonal division. Each cell is a light box or a LED screen. The screens have an informative function, showing town views and related pictures, texts or online videos. Each cell is designed as a box in wood with special coating. Boxes are attached to each other with steel tubular profiles that form a frame attached to a concrete foundation plate in the ground.


The cells are installed on a massive wood-clad rectangular base that has the greeting letters carved out with inside lighting turning on at night.The entrance sign is reflecting Fleetwood both by design and content, thus becoming a noticeable element of the town environment.



Architects: Vladimir Belskiy, Ildar Valishin 

Location: Fleetwood, Surrey, BC Canada

Project: 2009

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