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Gadeokdo Development

​A link between the airport and the south-western part of the island is developed in longitudinal direction. Thus we have two development axes: northeast-southwest and west-east, forming a kind of “zigzag development”. As the practice of creating islands and of land development on artificial grounds is widely used, the proposal is exploring these possibilities of sustainable development. We have 2 major points considered in this approach: freedom and flexibility of the development and preservation of natural landscapes and recreational areas. The project proposes land development along the main axes and creation of circular islands in Nulcha Bay and the bay on the opposite side of the island (Cheonseong-man). The arranged grounds for building development, house most of the Gadeokdo building program, localizing the building area. The regular geometry of the artificial islands is clearly distinctive as opposed to the irregular shapes of the natural shores. Thus the interaction of manmade and natural landscapes is created.


A need to respond to constant changes leads to a search for flexible solutions. The rectilinear urban grid is a structure offering freedom for building forms and flexibility of urban spaces, at the same providing convenient urban connections and ground floor activities. 2 basic grids are applied to the site along the main development axes. The 75x75 meter cell allows good pedestrian movement (75 meters = 1 minute walk) and creates 60x60 meters building lots. The superimposition that we have after the grid is applied to the site, has to be adjusted to fit the ground conditions. The adjustment is a subtraction of the areas on the site that do not allow having a rectilinear structure (water and steep slope areas). Further adjustment of the grid is done in the slope areas, where grid lines are modified to repeat the slope level lines, to be used as a formwork for street tracing.


The main focal points of the development are the artificial circular islands. Situated on opposite sides of the island along the main development axis, they form local centers: the northern devoted to global leadership, the southern, - to tourism and culture. On the island, places of interest are created (or highlighted when existing on site).


Density and multifunctionality are basic characteristics of the development. The building density is high in the focal points of the development and along the linear park to identify the centers and the development direction.


Architects: Vladimir Belskiy, Sergey Pospelov, Ildar Valishin, Elena Mozgova, Elena Salonina 

Location: Gadeokdo, Busan, Korea

Project: 2010

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