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Green Water City

​Concept. An urban life connected to nature is created in the project by a single but diverse urban space incorporating different functions and opposite features, a space that is at the same time opened and closed, public and private, internal and external, natural and artificial.


Project principles. The idea of green city is based on the principle of space continuity, a creation of a single city-space-the development along the Dianchanhu Avenue results in the idea of linearity of the area, bringing attention to the pulsating rhythm of the street elevations -the unique qualities of the site, - presence of water and green spaces, - are enhanced by developing new water bodies on the southern part of the site


Building Program. Building structures are created of frames (bridges) consisting of vertical pylons, containing elevators, stairs and floor areas, and top-floor connections that mark the height of the buildings and create the main frame of the skyline. The connecting volumes along the avenue link the pylons at different levels and create the rhythm of the street elevation.- the roofs of the connecting bars are gardens, thus developing the green areas along the vertical axis.- the proposed structures incorporate the required functional program: residential (with mixed use service and commercial bottom floors), commercial (public facilities, shops and offices), cultural and educational. The underground levels of each lot houses parking areas for cars and non-motorized vehicles.


Urban public street spaces, commercial spaces, parks, and water bodies, - in the project are all forming a single distinctive, multifunctional and multi-referential space, the space of the new Green Water City.



Architects: Vladimir Belskiy, Sergey Pospelov, Ildar Valishin

Location: Shanghai Quingpu New City West Region, China

Project: 2009

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