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Guildford Gate

Guildford: Garden in the Gate
The concept is to create an object, marking the street corner and having a visual effect as an entrance gate. To live, the object has to be functional, so it is arranged as a vertical park/recreation space. Placed in a commercial area, the structure has to be a kind of “chill-out” city space, as opposed to the consumer-character of the shopping mall. The main feature of the garden is the pedestrian walking path reaching the top level of the structure. The volume also houses different kind of activities: restaurants, meeting places, observation decks, places of entertainment, game zones etc.


The image of the structure is based on a combination of high-tech constructions and “green” design of the gardens providing human and “natural” spaces. The main functions of the structure respond to the task of creating attractive and multifunctional spaces. The main strategies of the project develop the aspects of movement, recreation, entertainment and observation. Visitor movement through the structure and between the levels is designed to provide maximum flexibility and freedom. The walking surface itself and a combination of elevators, escalators and stairs allow the visitor to trace a unique and individual route, thus filling the whole space with lively movement action.



Architects: Vladimir Belskiy, Elena Salonina

Location: Guildford, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Project: 2009


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