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Hockey Center

The hockey center program is developed taking into account the following basic elements:

  • a sports area with 2 NHL-format courts and 2 skidding areas;

  • training center for training hockey players;

  • hockey hostel with 8 rooms / 32 places;

  • a restaurant adjacent to the area to accommodate spectators between venues;

  • administrative, auxiliary and technical premises.


At the entrance to the building, visitors enter the lobby, illuminated by overhead lights and separated from the hockey rinks by transparent partitions. Hockey players walk along the grounds to the locker rooms, spectators and visitors along a wide staircase go up to the second floor to the spectator area and restaurant. A training hockey center with its locker rooms and coaches is also located on the second floor. The entrance area of ​​the hostel is located in the main lobby.

The appearance of the complex revealed the functional purpose of the object - the shape of the rounded volumes of the halls for hockey is dictated by the shape of the sites. A translucent belt is provided in the upper part of the volumes, which does not let in sunlight, but allows the use of natural light. At night, the belt glows from the inside, indicating the presence of the building.


Vladimir Belskiy, Andrey Dolotov

Location: Moscow

Project: 2019

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