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IT Park Yakutsk

In the climate of Yakutsk, a public building, in addition to the main functions, should fulfill the role of an additional urban space, ensuring communication between people in comfortable conditions. In the project, the name "IT park" should be taken literally. Inside the complex, an urban vertical park is being formed, a system of public spaces connected in an upward spiral.


The shape of the building, round in plan, ensures smooth movement and maximum compactness of the volume. Convenient access to all levels of the complex is provided by a continuous ramp system around the perimeter of the building. The ramp slope provides a sense of movement in one plane. Basic public levels form double-light spaces, the main functional office areas are created in adjacent sectors.


The main volume of the complex is arranged on a platform, in the body of which are hidden roadways and parking lots, unloading rooms, technical rooms and a sports complex. At the main level (the upper level of the platform) there are entrance rooms, a foyer, wardrobes, office rooms, premises of a bank branch and a children's development center. The surface of the central space of the atrium is used as a multifunctional zone, transforming into a hall, exhibition space, park, ice rink or city square. Above, the public functions are located along the upward movement along the ramp: multi-purpose hall - cafe - exhibition hall - business incubator (coworking) - services of the complex - development institutes and the hotel lobby - administration of the technopark - viewing platform on the roof of the complex.



Architects: Vladimir Belskiy, Sergey Pospelov,

Location: Yakutsk, Russia

Project: 2014

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