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Living Museum (Design Museum Moscow)

One can imagine that at some point what we call the "building" will become like a living organism. Advances in technology allows us to speak about the future of man-made/or not, biological objects that perform specific functions, while being a self-contained living organisms, each with its own characteristics, qualities and habits. A specific set of these organisms, combined, likely on the basis of a simple symbiosis, or (in the later stages of development) by shared values ​​(in this case related to the furtherance of design) is a group that renders the museum - a museum of design.


This museum is a self-organizing system, - the elements may be located in space, communicate and move depending on environmental conditions. "Bodies" and the shell of these organisms are adapted to the transformations and interactions, and the ability to move, the natural property of a living organism, is implemented differently in different species. Naturally, the whole body may develop, enhance, and grow.


Living Design Museum has interesting and uncharacteristic of the usual properties of the building - it can suddenly appear anywhere, can "run up" in parts, if its presence will seem out of place for national or local governments. The Museum can participate in various events (exhibitions, festivals, processions, parades), both urban and suburban: its elements could simply "agree" to meet at a certain place and move towards the meeting point individually.


There is an opportunity not only to "go to the museum," but also to the museum "to come." Playing the "find the museum" game, when in the city, may be an interesting event for both cultural events and for special events such as street challenges. By themselves, the individual elements of the museum, moving around the city will create a sense of "city of design". But be aware that when there is such a museum, other familiar buildings would look and behave quite differently than we are used to.


Architects: Ildar Valishin, Vladimir Belskiy 
Location: Moscow, Russia
Project: 2010

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