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Miami Floating Stage

The Stage appears as a waveform that emerges from water. The form provides a covered stage on one side and an open space with a slope on the other, both sides connected by perimeter. The space inside the structure of the “wave” contains service premises.  

The structure of the Stage, clad in semitransparent plastic panels, lies on a horizontal frame adjusting the center of gravity. The frame is based on 5 pontoons. Both sides of the Stage can be used for performance or seating in accordance to the type of event.

The stage is connected to the Marine Stadium or any other embankment by retractable bridges on both sides. The Stage is moved and turned by tugboat.



Architects: Sergey Pospelov, Vladimir Belskiy, Ildar Valishin, Elena Mozgova, Elena Salonina

Location: Marine Stadium Basin, Virginia Key, Miami FL, USA

Project: 2011

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