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Multifunctional Complex on Novorizhskoe Highway

The active image is dictated by the location and function of the building. The corner section at the intersection of roads and the commercial functions of the facility require a visual accent to mark the place and attract visitors. The creation of such an image is provided by the outer shell of the facade: the geometry of the planes determines the dynamics of the form, the isolation of the shell from the ground and the translucency of the perforated panels give a feeling of lightness of volume.

Functional blocks are divided vertically: in the underground floor of the parking lot, on the first floor is the entrance area, the second floor is shopping, the third is occupied by the beer restaurant and wine tasting room, the fourth is offices and the hotel. The atrium with the upper light permeates the entire volume, linking all levels of the complex.



Company: EPI Mosproject-5

Architects: Vladimir Belskiy, Sergey Pospelov, Kirill Kolotilin

Location: Moscow Region, Krasnogorsk District near Mihalkovo 

Project: 2013

Silver Sign Award, Zodchestvo 2013

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