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Moscow Design Museum

The concept of the structure is the "Message in a Bottle" theme. The Museum acts as custodian, thereby preserving and transmitting the message to future generations.

The volume consists of three elements: The outer shell - steel frame in bottle form. The core of "The Message" - center, which includes all relevant elements of the complex: exhibition spaces, a media center, information and publishing center, library, school design, a platform for conducting contests, bookstore, etc. made of f/c frame with solid glass. Movement in the museum is arranged by means of elevators, stairs and ramps. 3 lifts leading to all floors, starting with areas for recreation is only one elevator up to the observation deck. The central core is surrounded by a ramp that leads to the restaurant and observation deck, as well as to open exhibition spaces.



Architects: Elena Mozgova 
Location: Moscow River, Moscow, Russia
Project: 2010

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