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New Moscow Block

New Moscow blocks are formed in place of the demolished areas with five - story buildings.

Principles of block formation include the use of the concepts of "open block" and "Moscow block". Both concepts complement each other, forming modern residential neighborhoods with quality urban spaces and recognizable character.

The organization of the new Moscow block is based on mutual intersection and "overflow" of different types of spaces. This city street with public transport, the internal "living" street and pedestrian links that use the principles of "Shared Space" and finally courtyards as a separate living space. In accordance with the principle of openness, the courtyard is filled with light and air. All blocks provide the opportunity to pass-through; entrances of residential buildings are open both to the inner "courtyard", and to the external "street" space.



Company: EPI Mosproject-5

Architects: Vladimir Belskiy, Sergey Pospelov, Kirill Kolotilin

Location: Moscow 

Project: 2013

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