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Newton New Town

Area planning

As the site is stretching diagonally from northwest to southeast, its urban development is arranged along this direction. The “diagonal” has public functions on ends and residential area in the middle, thus providing multifunctionality and diversity of the area. Two public zones are created by buildings and public spaces-squares (northwest rooftop square and southeast community square with Cenotaph). Public functions are linked with pedestrian paths, providing lively environment by creating motion through the residential development. The common urban grid is used as a framework for urban planning, so the “diagonal” appears to be transformed and aligned to the orthogonal grid. The development of “green” spaces system includes the existing park and grove connected to new spaces: rooftop square of the new arena, community zone square and residential blocks courtyard. A pedestrian path system additional to the functional links is arranged to create a continuous recreational walkway through the green areas. The automobile movement is arranged in the orthogonal road system with car movement outside the main pedestrian zones. 3 underground parking spaces are arranged under each zone. 


Housing program

Being in the center of the development and requiring a very dense build-up area, the residential area has the most visual impact on the neighborhood. The project task is to create a modern highly concentrated residential development and to make it site-specific. The residential blocks are placed on the west and east sides of the residential area, forming an inner space between them. The triangle shape of the blocks is inspired by the existing diagonal railway line near the site and provides views from the apartments to the park.  The slope to the south improves insulation. The roof is arranged as roof gardens for the upper level apartments. The height of the buildings rises from 14 to 24 stories with 2-storied built-in grade oriented housing along the 70 avenue and 136B street. Each building consists of 6 modules of 14-16-18-20-22-24 stories. The floor plan of each module houses 2, 3 or 4 residential units. Additional 2-level cantilevered modules are created on different levels in the inner space of the residential area for a diversity and attractiveness of the whole structure.



Architects: Vladimir Belskiy, Elena Mozgova 

Location: Newton, Surrey, BC Canada

Project: 2009


Competition Catalog

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