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New York Peace Pentagon

Project Concept: Peace Pentagon Ascension


The building known as Peace Pentagon with its 40-year peace movement history at present is an expression of the spirit of the peace and justice movement. It’s an important reason of keeping the volume on the site. 


The concept of the project is the “ascension” of the landmark volume. Thus the new construction in the historic shape becomes a spirit of the old structure. “Lightweight” image with strong visual impact have to enhance the effect of the idea, being connected to the whole peace movement image. The flying volume houses the activist groups - the community of the building. The 3-story volume in the base is the commercial part for income producing. The void space between the volumes divides volumes of bare-bones activism and income-generating zones. This space on the surface of the commercial block roof serves as an action space which allows different kinds of activity: community gathering, poster or object display, recreation space, place for plants & vegetation.


Main entrance to Peace Pentagon is from Bleecker Street, entrance to lower floor commercial office levels could be organized from Jones Alley. A number of entrances are provided to allow maximum flexibility of the ground floor usage.



Architects: Vladimir Belskiy, Ildar Valishin, Elena Mozgova

Awards: 3rd prize in the competition

Location: 339 Lafayette street NY, USA

Project: 2009

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