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Penalty Parking

In order to get away from the image of the standard administrative building of city services, we tried to bring an emotional background to the question of finding a form. It is emotion that gives a vivid and accurate image.


In the modern metropolis, the separation of a person from his car is perceived as a dramatic action, tragedy, “gap”. The gap runs through the most vital, according to the time, scheduled by the minute, and then by emotions - misunderstanding, confusion, anger.

The gap of this whole, unexpected, painful, "alive", becomes the main theme of the object.


The primary volume of a rectangular parallelepiped is torn into two parts with the formation of three functional zones. In two fragments - office space, and the gap, the most dramatic, remains under the driveway - the place where the captivity takes place and, at the same time, the car is freed.


The fight against confusion, which is very understandable by all the senses, has become the key to solving the design of internal spaces. The main task was to give a feeling of maximum friendliness. A large, single, open room with clear logistics of symmetrical space meets this challenge. All corridors are minimized and located in the office space.


The general symmetrical planning solution and the geometry of the plan, close to the square, gives considerable economic benefits in the construction of communications and in energy efficiency issues.



Architects: Vladimir Belskiy, Andrey Dolotov, Natalya Nesterenko, Tatyana Tyushnyakova

Location: Moscow

Built: 2015

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