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"Prostor" Bakery Plant Reconstruction

When referring to images from the scope of the enterprise, a cake certainly arises as an object that initially has a simple and integral shape, and from which pieces can be cut. In this case, internal surfaces appear on the slices, and the outer shell remains on the intact fragments, indicating the original shape. Thus, in the cut state of this cake, we get the desired binary system: internal - external. You can also say that the building has a top layer and lining.


The areas of cutouts on the site, taken out of the body of the building parts - this is a kind of "negative" volume. Thus, zones are formed along which the territory of the enterprise is read at a distance. The site itself in the concept, if you use the terminology of table setting, can be called a "dish" for the building. The buildings around the perimeter are combined into a 1-floor volume, solved in the same way as landscaping, creating the “sides” of the site.


In the process of combining and creating a holistic form, it becomes possible to organize additional spaces in the border zones between the street and the building from the side of the main entrance, from the yard on the segment of the longitudinal facade of the production building and on the roof of the lower part of the production building.


These spaces, being no longer a street, but also not a building, become zones of meeting the external and internal, "places of events", and work additionally to create a rich and varied environment in the complex.



Architects: Vladimir Belskiy, Andrey Dolotov, Natalya Nesterenko, Sergey Pospelov, Tatyana Tyushnyakova

Companies: Metaplasm, Stroyproekt, AG Radius

Location: Moscow, Akademika Skryabin street 9

Concept: 2014

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