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Office building on Verkhnyaya Radishchevskaya

The reconstruction of the building for the needs of the venture fund office began with the development of the concept of the structure of the internal spaces. The most active zones in the floor plan were identified. It was they who became the anchor points responsible for uniqueness and representativeness.


One of these areas was the basement floor with a single-pillar chamber included in the volume of the building, and white-stone masonry walls. All these unique elements are revealed in restoration mode with subsequent adaptation to the premises of the cafe and relaxation area for employees. The phyto-wall, arranged on the "late" walls of the floor, emphasizes the relaxation function of this zone.


Architects: Andrey Dolotov, Tatyana Tyushnyakova, Natalya Nesterenko

Location: Moscow, Verkhnyaya Radishchevskaya 12/19

Project: 2013

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