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Russian Orthodox Temple

Traditional top of a Russian Orthodox church becomes the basis of the building form.

This combines modern architectural methods with the Orthodox imagery and provides recognition and unique interior space.


Auxiliary facilities (including administrative offices, dining halls, utility rooms, baptistery, bathrooms, garage for 2 cars, workshop and warehouse) are placed in a separate one-story block, stretched to form the northern boundary of the site.

Belfry is located in a separate volume at the entrance to the temple site.


Key figures

Capacity of the temple - 600

Total area - 600 square meters.

Base diameter - 26 meters

Height with cross - 52 meters

Building volume - 12,000 cubic meters.

The total area of ​​support space - 450 square meters.

Site area - 0.57 ha



Architect: Vladimir Belskiy

Location: Russia

Project: 2013

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