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City of Ryde Civic Centre


The density and multifunctionality of the complex determines the vertical separation of public and private spaces. The public program occupies the lower part of the complex. The raised triangular platform at level 6 forms the boundary between the public and the private. Above the platform is the residential part of the complex.



On the surface of the platform there is a garden for residents. The transparent pool floor allows light to pass through the water and illuminate the public area on the first level.


Public spaces

Public areas are organized on two levels. On the first floor, the covered square is surrounded by commercial premises, the entrances to the administration building and office buildings. The square has connections with the entrances to residential buildings and access to the upper square at level 3. The upper square develops westward through the street, forming the roof of the theater. There is an open stage and theater entrances.



A theater with a 600-seat hall occupies the western part of the territory. The foyer of the theater serves as a vertical roof connection with the first floor.



The apartments are located in four towers at levels 7-21. Studios and apartments with one, two and three bedrooms are provided. All apartments have floor-to-ceiling glazing. All two and three bedroom apartments are corner, with a view on 3 sides, including a view of the Parramatta River and the Blue Mountains for rooms facing west, and a view of the center of Sydney for rooms above level 13, facing east. A system of adjustable vertical blinds offers residents the freedom to determine the degree of openness and lighting of the apartment.


The surface

The surfaces of residential and public spaces have adjustable vertical blinds for the sun and noise protection, which provide the creation of transparency modes for all environmental conditions and any mood.



Architects: Vladimir Belskiy, Andrey Dolotov, Tatyana Tyushnyakova

Location: Top Ryde, Sydney, Australia

Competition project: 2016

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