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Technopark Skolkovo. Circle 11

Individual houses are located along the perimeter of the circle and  in parallel lines in the inner space of the circle. Density of development determines the simple housing solutions. The volume of the 2nd and 3rd floors hangs over the entrance to the house, forming a canopy over the entrance and a parking space for EV. Residential spaces face the southern side. 3 basic types of houses with an area of 150, 170 and 190 sq. m. are used. Each house has access to the roof with a lawn, partially compensating for a small area of the site and a dense arrangement of houses in a circle.


150 sq. m. house on the 1st floor has a lounge, a bathroom and a technical/auxiliary room with separate entrance, which can be converted into extra living space. The second floor contains kitchen, dining room and living room in one space. There are two bedrooms on the 3rd floor. 170 sq. m. and 190 sq. m. houses have additional rooms on 2 floor and floors 1-2, respectively. For the 170 sq. m. home space forms a canopy over the front part of the rear facade (north side). Additional terrace with a lawn is arranged on the roof of the room.


Architects: Vladimir Belskiy, Sergey Pospelov, Ildar Valishin 

Location: Skolkovo Technopark

Project: 2011

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