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Ingushetia Tower (Tower of Consent)

The tower is made in accordance with the historical analogues of the battle towers of Ingushetia. The tower is a symbolic monument, and is used as a viewing platform with display at the intermediate levels of exhibits.

The size of the tower is increased 4 times in comparison with the historical counterpart, while maintaining the proportions of the tower elements. The tower is square in plan, the external dimensions of the base in the plan are 21x21 m. The height of the tower from the base to the top of the dome’s castle stone is 99.3 meters.

To climb to the observation deck at a height of 75 meters, a ramp is used along the inner perimeter of the outer walls, the ramp slope allows you to easily walk up.


Company: EPI Mosproject-5

Architects: Sergey Tkachenko, Vladimir Belsky, Sergey Pospelov, Ildar Valishin, Elena Salonina

Location: Magas, Zyazikov Avenue

Project: 2010

Construction: 2012


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