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Tripoli Knowledge and Innovation Center

The new KIC building are three eight-story cylindrical volumes. The diameter of the cylinders increases in the following order: Housing block – Phase-1 Office Building – Phase-2 Building. Compact forms of the buildings provide maximum visibility of the whole KIC and RKIF complex.

Admin Offices, Support Facilities, Retail, F&B, and Leasable Offices occupy existing buildings.



The “Oasis” – internal public space at basement level connects new and existing buildings of Phase-1. The “Oasis” is the main interaction and recreational space with direct access to all public facilities, a park and artificial pond.


Access and Underground Space

The main access to Phase-1 Office Building is organized trough the existing Admin building via a bridge leading to the eastern part of the site. The Utility building occupies space under the bridge. The Data Center occupies the underground level in the northern part of the site. Car parking is located on two underground levels under the Office Building.



The circular volume of Phase-2 Building is a three-part/stage structure. At each stage, the building appears as finished object: with an arc-form plan at Stage 1, a “horseshoe” at Stage 2 and circle at Stage 3. The building structure offers maximum flexibility of use.  


Vladimir Belskiy, Andrey Dolotov

Place: Tripoli, Lebanon

Project: 2019

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